In the land of the rising sun

The Daily Observer featuring our visit to Japan

First touch at Tokyo: Haneda International Airport

Even before the plane landed, I was pumped up with energy to get the first sight of the land of the rising sun. Didn’t miss a few glimpses from the plane window. Finally we landed safely at Haneda airport and was warmly welcomed by Mr. Yoshio. It is worth mentioning that this generous man came all the way from Kustatsu, Shiga to greet us. We were honoured for his presence.

Not sure if wearing an orange color t-shirt with minions printed on it was a good idea since I found most Japanese like light colored clothes.

Nozomi Express: experiencing Japanese train

Traveling on a Japanese train, be it Shinkansen or Nozomi is a worthwhile experience for anyone. As we rolled through Tokyo and I starred through the train window to catch the first few snapshots of Nihon (Japan). It was just the beginning of many more exciting train rides we would experience during our 2 weeks stay.

Kusatsu: Home for the upcoming days

As soon as we reached Shiga, Mr. Shigioki, Mr. Wakada and Mr. Fyjitsu welcomed us and picked was up from the station. We rolled for our home, Kusatsu, located in the Shiga prefecture which would be our home for the upcoming 2 weeks. Mr. Yoshio was kind enough to let us stay in his house, it is mentionable that the enjoyable experience that we had during our stay would’t be possible without him facilitating homestay for us. We reached the home around midnight in Japan. Nevertheless we were warmly welcomed by Kana and Shizonno (who happened to be previous challenge program members). After exchanging greetings we were given a tour around the house, in a few mins we learnt what to keep where and how to clean everything and oraganize. We freshened up and spent a good time chatting with Kana and Shizono about Japanese house norms and traditions. The friendliness and warm welcome of all these Japanese people made the very first day a memorable one.



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