20 Things That Helped Me Score A 113/120 On The TOEFL-iBT

Abrar Shariar
2 min readMar 8, 2020
  1. Mental Endurance is the golden key. I found the TOEFL is not only a test of English language but also your test-taking skill in general. How well you organize and manage time is super important.
  2. Most cliche one: surround yourself with English. For me it was: Books (anything I would find interesting), New York Times, Audible, and a regular conversation (mostly with myself!) in English.
  3. Eat less, focus more
  4. Don’t let the details thwart your progress: Reading
  5. Take the “Big Picture” approach: Reading
  6. Flexibility in strategy. Experiment with different strategies during prep, but NOT during the exam. Learn and adapt.
  7. The first few seconds is the crux: Listening
  8. Mindfulness helps. A few mins of meditation pays off. Visualize your success!
  9. Optimize the break. For me it was Green Tea, Sit ups, and
  10. Visualization helps: Listening
  11. Pithy notes. Find out that sweet spot of optimum notes.: Listening
  12. Connect the ideas. Be vigilant of BIG PICTURE: Listening
  13. Clarity above all: Speaking
  14. Don’t take notes during the replay: Listening
  15. Bolster your arguments with Examples: Writing
  16. Connect ideas with Transition words: Moreover. Furthermore. Additionally. Whereas. You get the idea. Writing
  17. One notion in one paragraph: Writing
  18. Do NOT bring in your own opinions: Integrated Writing
  19. Use assertive sentences. For example — preferred: Globalization has paved way for increased innovation. Not preferred: I think/believe globalization has….
  20. Workout and have fun!
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